January 2014 New Year’s Resolutions

Well another year has come and gone. Holidays are over and for the most we are excited about the New Year and what is to come. We set New Year’s resolutions and expect we will keep them. We have high hopes that this year will be different. We believe this when we make our resolutions. What has changed this year over every other year? Probably nothing.

I believe this year can be your year to succeed. What you need to do when contemplating your New Year’s resolutions is to really think about what is important to you. Make a list of what you would like to accomplish in 2014. Review the list and put in the order of importance. After you have listed and numbered in the order of importance, scratch out everything but the number one thing you hope to accomplish.

The problem with having more than one goal/resolution is we cannot focus our attention on more than one thing. We get frustrated and feel defeated barely into the New Year so we give up on all the things on our list. When you concentrate on one goal and have a plan for how you will accomplish it, you will find that you are more likely to succeed. When we succeed we feel good and we can set a new goal. Always set your goal/resolution high but make sure you have the plan of how you will accomplish it.

If you want to weigh less, state your ideal weight in the present as if you already weigh that amount. Have in your plan that you will go walking five days a week for 30 minutes minimum. You could have on your plan that instead of eating fast food at lunch you will make healthy choices from home or at restaurants. Anyway you get the picture. This works the same if you would like to have a certain amount in your savings plan. What do you need to do to accomplish this? Have your goal of savings stated in the present and start a plan of how you will get there. The same goes for debt reduction, etc.

In any case, the message here is have one resolution or goal and stick to it until you accomplish it. You will feel great knowing that whatever you set your mind to do, you can achieve if you believe. Just think of the possibilities out there. Happy New Year to you and your family for a wonderful and successful 2014.

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