Financial Infidelity, is it going on in your home?

You are probably wondering what I am talking about? Do you actually know financially, what is going on in your home? Most people think they do until it is too late. Usually in each family, there is one person that is responsible for looking after the finances. It is pretty common since everyone is very busy. With Christmas coming there could be more financial infidelity going on.

When I was married I was the one that looked after the finances which meant paying the bills and saving for our future. As long as there was money when my husband needed it he never questioned where his pay was going. Luckily for him he never had to worry about financial infidelity. This is not always true for some people.

Recently I met a couple where the wife was involved in financial infidelity. She hid from her husband what was really going on with their finances to the tune of getting them over $40,000 in debt. This obviously did not include their mortgage which he did know about. The wife had hid all the credit card statements from her husband. This couple did not have any conversations about where the money was going and any long term savings goals.

This continued until the wife could no longer juggle the money to pay the bills and the credits were all maxed out. The moment of truth had come. The wife had to get her husband involved in the financial mess she had gotten them in. In some cases, this could have led to divorce. Luckily for this lady her husband loved her enough to support her indiscretions and get them help.

Finances need to be understood by both parties regardless of which one is actually responsible for balancing the household budget. Financial infidelity is more common than people realize and can be done by either spouse. Make sure you have open communication and you both know where the money is going so you don’t find yourselves digging yourself out of a financial hole.

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