Who the Heck is Linda Levesque?

I know you all know who I am but as I celebrate 25 years in this business next month, I wonder how I can get more people to know what you know. And that is, Who the Heck IS Linda Levesque?
Like a good gospel you want to spread the word. At least I would like you to spread the word. I am growing my business. I am especially letting those of you that may wonder when I will choose to leave the business and retire, that as far as I am concerned, I retired when I left the federal government and entered this business back in 1990. I have grown a business, I am a published author, given many public presentations and recently was a guest on the Maggie Linton Sirius Satellite Radio Show all in 25 years and I am just beginning to gain steam.
Since 1990 I have helped many loyal clients retire when and how they have chosen. I have been there to support and guide clients to make the right financial decisions to send their children to post-secondary school. I have been around to help wind up estates when a loved one has passed on or when marriages have broken down. I have helped clients purchase their first home or help when it was time to downsize. I have been there for my clients for most of the important events of their lives. Now as I have put an impressive team together to look after almost all your financial needs, I am asking you for the ultimate favour, refer me when you know our services will fit your friend or family member’s needs.
This is a time of celebration so I would also like suggestions on how I can mark this milestone mark in my career. So far I have started a Twitter account so I can spread the good word. There is also a Facebook for Levesque Wealth Planning. Everything will be linked to our webpage as well. www.levesquewealthplanning.com
Be sure to book appointments during this year since there will be some extra surprises when we meet. I also want to take this time to thank all of you that have been with me for the last 25 years through up and down markets and as we head into the unknown future together. Remember I will be there no matter what the markets do to help you navigate towards the life of your financial choosing, because at Levesque Wealth Planning, we help you to realize all your financial goals.

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