“What’s easy to do, is also easy not to do.” Quote from Jim Rohn.


I talk to my mother almost everyday.  My mother I typical of a lot
 of people and she finds it hard to get herself motivated to do things 
on her own.  In fact on my personal side I would say I take after my 
mother.  Luckily for me I take after my father when it comes to being 
and staying motivated on the business side.  In any event I have to try 
to get my mother to do things that will benefit her on the health side 
without having her rely on other people.
What I am talking about
 is getting up and walking across the street to the mall.  My mother is 
84 years old and in pretty good health.  I want my mother to stay 
healthy so I have to encourage my mother to go for a walk.  The mall is 
right across the street from where my mother lives.  Walking is not only
 good physically but it is also a really good mental workout.  When you 
see other people, and you are outside enjoying the sun or taking in the 
activities at the mall, you feel like you are a part of something and 
not isolated.
Well it is easy to do, but as the title says it is
 also easy not to do.  In life we are faced almost daily with things we 
know we should do that are easy and would surely make a difference in 
our life, but we find it is just as easy not to do so we don't do it and
 then wonder why our life is turning out different.

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