One Step Back, Two Steps Forward

Do you ever watch a child trying to walk?  In the beginning they fall on their butts more than once.  The thing with a child is they don’t realize they are failing at something so they keep on trying until they succeed.  The child will eventually succeed at walking no matter how many times he or she falls down.

Why is it as adults we are afraid to take a step back so we can move forward?  Most people are afraid to fail at something so most of us won’t even try.  In life failure should be an option.  If you don’t fail, you really don’t get the valuable lesson that failure teaches us.  The most successful people are the ones that had the most failures.  The more you fail at something the more successful you should be in life.  I know that you have to understand the differences with failure.  You cannot go through school without trying, then failing, and think you will succeed at your chosen career.

I am talking about taking a chance in trying something new.  Whether it is a sport or applying for a new job.  You won’t know if you can do something until you try, fail and then learn from your mistake.

I met someone recently in my travels who had very successfully built an amazing business.  What he failed at was in planning his finances.  He overspent and over leveraged to a point where he found himself broke.  He went from rags to riches to rags again.  When this man looked at the failures he had had he took away some valuable lessons and today he is back financially sound and making better choices.  In this case this man needed to go broke to become a better person.  This was an extremely valuable lesson for him.  We all will take away a different lesson from a failure.  The point is learning and growing from all the steps back so we can move forward in life

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