The Squeaky Wheel Gets the Oil

A few years ago when I was on a training course I learned a very valuable lesson.  That lesson was to ASK.  You may be wondering what you ask for.  You ask for anything you want.  If the answer is no, then it is no.  You have lost nothing because you did not have that thing you asked for in the first place.  If the answer is yes then you have now received something you wanted but were afraid to ask for.  So now you are better off because someone said yes.

So why am giving you this lesson in life?  I am giving you this lesson because it is time to start asking for discounts and other areas to save money.  One of my biggest pet peeve is to pay fees on things that I determine have no real value to me.  Whoever heard of paying a fee to find out how much money you owe a company?  I am referring in this example to cell phone bills.  You sign up for a service and you used to get a paper bill showing how much you owed.  Next thing you know the company tells you if you want to continue getting a paper bill you must pay for this privilege.  Well since I hate paying fees more than going on-line, I went on line. I like my paper cell bill because I actually look at it.

Thank goodness there were people who fought this injustice.  Apparently you can now ask to have your paper bill back with no fee.  Talk to your provider about waiving the fee on your paper bill, I did.  Not only am I getting my paper bill back without a fee but CRTC has banned three year contracts.   Now may be a great opportunity to renegotiate your monthly bill.  Remember no one is going to volunteer to save you money as I recently found out when I called.  My new cell phone plan offers a $10 a month savings with more data.

Remember it is up to you to ask.  Saving money has to be your decision.  No one will automatically do it for you.  Until next month, what is on your mind?

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