Are You Achieving or Deceiving?

We are still in the beginning of a New Year.  Two months we are never going to get back in 2016, gone.  In December I talked about goal setting.  Did you set your goals for the New Year?  Is this going to be the year that you make a quantum leap in your life?  I am not talking about New Year’s resolutions that everyone gets motivated to make and by now most are broken.  We all know that most people don’t keep those resolutions.  What I’m talking about are real changes.   Even minor tweaking can make a difference if you want a more secure future.  Can you list some of your achievements so far?
I believe most people’s biggest challenge is that they’re unsure of what they really want or they think it’s too big and they could never have it anyway. If you think about it, there’s probably a way you could chunk down a big goal into something smaller and more manageable. Take baby steps.  Don’t deceive yourself into thinking there is lots of time.  You will get around to taking some action, tomorrow.  Well today is tomorrow so now is the time to start.   

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Remember don’t let another year fly by.  What are you going to do to make the most of this year?  This is no dress rehearsal.  We get one kick at the can so make it a good one.  Here’s to a fantastic, unbelievable 2016. It is not too late to make it the best yet.  No more deceiving yourself, you are an achiever.

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