Gardens and Investments: What Springs to Mind? – What’s On Your Mind – May 2016

Every spring it is the same thing, we start working on our plan for a great and appealing yard.  If we own a home, the job begins with cleaning up our yards after a long winter’s sleep.  We may start trimming back some hedges, preparing flower beds and spreading grass seed to thicken up our lawns.  We will weed and feed and hope that our grass is better than last year. We know that adding the proper fertilizer will make a big difference in how our grass looks.

Near the end of May we start planting our flowers and hope for a pretty yard when we are in full bloom assuming the weather is good to us.

Over the summer we keep busy with ongoing yard maintenance; such as weeding, cutting the grass and constant watering of our flowers and grass.  Ongoing maintenance is the key to our garden’s success.

Our plan for the yard is still dependent on what nature does but for the most part we do the best we can to make sure we are successful.

Wow.  Have you ever thought about how similar having a nice yard is compared to what we need to do to be successful with our investments? Both require a lot of work. You need to review your plan annually to see if any changes have to be made.  Sometimes you have to weed out the bad stuff and continue to properly invest (fertilize) so that every year your investments are more likely to be headed in the right direction to fulfill your financial goals.  You need to continue ongoing maintenance but also, sometimes the markets (weather) will do what it does and we have to make the changes where necessary to accommodate this.

Some things are in our control and some things are not.  What is in our control is the time, thought and action for trying our best to be successful.  Yards or our financial goals; both take a lot of work.  When you fertilize your grass, or invest in your future, the effort you put in today will give you the good foundation you need for tomorrow.  Happy growing.

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