How Come or How Can? These are the Questions – What’$ On Your Mind – August 2016 Edition

Do you ever ask yourself how come I never get what I want? How come I never achieve what I set out to achieve? How come I don’t have the love of my life?  How come my children don’t behave? How come I never get the promotion over somebody else? How come other people are always lucky and I’m not? Do these questions really sound like good questions? Are you really asking the right questions? Instead of how come why not ask how can. When you set a goal to achieve something, the next step should be how can I get it?  How can I find the love of my life? How can I get a promotion?

Most people don’t ask the right questions so they don’t get the answers they are really looking for.  Then they wonder what went wrong. Communication even with yourself is extremely important. If you’re not asking yourself the right questions imagine the wrong questions you’re asking someone else.  How can you get the helpful answers unless you ask the right questions?

Think about it. Minor changes in asking how come versus how can with answers that are totally different.  Which question do you prefer? Ask the right questions get the right answers. Isn’t this the point of asking the question in the first place?

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