The 5 Minute Wealth Plan, How to Save Today for a Richer Tomorrow – What’s On Your Mind? October 2016 Edition

This month I wanted to discuss my upcoming book launch. This book has been three years in the making. It is for anyone you know including yourself who may still be struggling financially. The book is the beginning and not an end.  It is a guide to get you thinking how you can save more money and get ahead financially.

I know how difficult it is to save money. I grew up quite poor in a large family.  At the time we didn’t know we were poor because we were like everybody else.  Everybody was struggling to get ahead financially.  Back when I was growing up for the most part, there was only one person working and supporting the whole family.  I guess I was a little luckier than others because my mother worked as a waitress.  Now you know waitresses don’t get paid much, but what she always had was a change purse full of coins.

We couldn’t have the latest and greatest of anything when I started working.  I started spending money like there was no tomorrow.  I had my money spent before I received my pay.  What I learned from that was that I didn’t have anything to show for it.  The tips in the book I share is from what I learned along the way.  Today I can say I am financially stable.  It takes work, discipline and a passion for wanting to get ahead financially.  I didn’t want to struggle my whole life.

My father’s dream was to take my mother on a cruise after he retired.  That would’ve been a big vacation for them. Unfortunately my father passed away and my mother never got to go on a cruise for many years.  Life was difficult for my mother still having four kids to raise and no real career opportunities.  We made it.  My mother is still alive and living comfortably with a little financial help.  The point here is my mother didn’t have a lot of choices and how or where she was going to live.  She didn’t or was not able to save money, and my father didn’t leave her in a good position passing away prematurely and having no life insurance.

In the book you get enough ideas to get you thinking and realizing the basic things you must do in order to get ahead financially and have a richer tomorrow.  You have more knowledge and access to information than anyone had back when I was growing up.  My parents along with many other parents did the best they could with what they had.  Take advantage and read the book.  The book will be available soon on Amazon and free for clients when you come in for your appointment.

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