What’s Your Retirement Number? – What’s On Your Mind? – March 2018 Edition

At some point everyone thinks about when they would like to retire.  Your thoughts might include things you would like to do and possibly where you want to travel to.  How important is it to achieve your retirement goals of fishing or golfing every day, or whatever you plan to do to fill the gap of time between stopping work and stopping living?

Recently I heard that two of the major factors of living a long life, to 100 or so, is to keep socially active with family and friends and interact with strangers on a regular basis.  This second part could be a smile, short conversation or an acknowledgement of a strangers’ existence.  We all need to feel connected to people.

If this is true and you financially prepare yourself to retire at 55 or 60, and you know you are a social butterfly, then you may have to fill a gap of 40-45 years in retirement.  Previous generations looked forward to retirement because the planning for them was for a few years after they stopped working, not decades.

Currently we live in a world of more knowledge on how to keep ourselves healthy and fit.  We also live in a world with a high cost of living and taxes on just about everything we need, use and earn.  How is it possible then that we will be able to fund such a long active retirement and still live today?

The new reality should be that we continue working throughout our sixties and possibly into our seventies.  Retirement should not be the destination you aspire to but a journey that gets tweaked along the way.  Your retirement lifestyle should include working at something even if it is part time or like me full time because you love what you do and the difference you make in the world.  Your retirement number shouldn’t be set in stone but planning for it in case you decide enough is enough.  Planning is the freedom to choose when that number will come into effect.   We have the software to help determine what your retirement number will be and what you need to do today to get there.  Call or email for more information.  This is the time wherever you are in your life to really think about the road ahead of you.

If you are retired now and financially and physically doing well, then to stay healthier stay connected to people every day.  This is part of the growing old medicine that your doctor doesn’t tell you, but actually works.  To reaching 100 with good health and wealth.

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